School and ABA Consultation
Social & Academic Support
  • Education Consultation

    • Collaborate with school staff

    • School observations

    • Attend IEP meetings

  • ABA Consultations; 

  • This includes

    • An initial assessment

    • 2 (40 minute) school observations

    • Follow up in-home appointment

    • An individualized Behavior Support Plan in order to make appropriate treatment recommendations to increase progress while working directly with your current ABA treatment team.

    Individual Therapy

  • Who doesn't need a neutral, unbiased, confidential person to talk to?  Throughout life, everyone experiences periods of stress, struggle navigating while adjusting to changes, grief & sadness, breakups, job pressure, family and parental stress. Individuals and families that participate in therapy are often able to increase understanding and effective communication while minimizing tension and helping to facilitate treatment goals with a solution focused approach.  

  • Both long term and short term therapy options are available.

  • Text/Call 925-628-4234 to schedule your in-office appointment.

  • Click the button below to schedule an appointment:

Young Family
Parent Support and Family Therapy


  • Solution-Focused, Short-Term Family Therapy

  • Support during transitioning and adjusting to middle school & high school

Adolescent Therapy
  •  Support during the time of transitioning from a child to a teenager to an adult. A neutral, unbiased person to openly and confidentially talk with.

  • Help navigating through a time full of questions.

  • Healthy dating & healthy relationships.

  • Body image and social media.

  • Increase confidence and self-esteem while developing a stronger sense of true self.

  • Improve relationships with peers and parents.

  • Identify and strengthen healthy coping skills.

  • How to deal with bullying and peer pressure.

AMFT Group and Individual Supervision available 

  • Professional coaching and consultation available by appointment.