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Summer 2024 Groups
All group participants also participate in individual therapy sessions. 

Winter 2024 Upcoming Groups


I. Friendships and Social Skills 

Elementary school students

II. Memoires of Hidden Scars:

Group Therapy for Adolescents that experience self-harm

III. ASD Peer Group

Developing Friendships with ABA Skills



Reoccurring Adult Groups


I. Hiding Behind the Smile: 

Overcoming Anxiety and Depression 

II. Too Fast to Get Furious:

An 8-Week Anger Management Group

III. ASD Peer Group: Developing Friendships with ABA Skills

For young adults with ASD


IV. Parents Have Feelings Too

You are not alone in your range of emotions. Maybe sometimes you are left feeling lost with more questions than answers. Join other parents in a safe & relatable environment. 

June - July 2024 Groups:

Group space is limited. 

1. Social Heroes: Social Skills & Coping Skills

(2nd & 3rd grade boys)

1 hour/week for 8 weeks

2. Social Heroes: Social Skills & Coping Skills

(4th & 5th grade girls)

1 hour/week for 8 weeks

Days & Times:

Wednesdays 4:00PM-5:00PM

Saturdays 10:00AM-11:00AM

School Transition Groups begin August & September 2024

Group space is limited. 

 1.  Teens: Starting Senior Year

             (12th grade high school students) 

 2. Young-teens: Going into High School

              (9th grade students) 

 3. Pre-teens: Going into Middle School

              (5th & 6th grade students) 

Peer Group Scheduling

  • Each group is unique and formulated based on the individual clients’ needs and overall family goals.

  • As each child is different, each group is different, so I design the weekly topics and activities based on that specific group's needs and the goals set with parents during intake, (prior to the beginning of group).

  1. Prior to the start of peer social skills group, parents will schedule a meeting to complete an intake; assess for current needs and formulate general goals.

  2. I will solidify goals and email to parent(s)

    • ​​Based on the assessment, we will then agree which group best fits your child

    • I will provide session #1 general topics and possible activities, so you have the opportunity to help prepare your child

  3. Peer Social Skills Group Begins​​​

  4. Group graduation

  5. Follow up appointment post group graduation 

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